H-1B visa for Specialty Occupations

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Who Benefits

  • Employers seeking foreign national professionals who cannot be found in the US workforce
  • Foreign nationals with at least a Bachelor degree education and work experience

Qualifying Professions

  • Mathematicians, researchers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Fashion models
  • Financial or investment analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Physicians
  • Film/Video Directors

Application Process

  • Only 65,000 H-1B visas are available each fiscal year
  • Submission deadline April 1, annually
  • Selection is via lottery
  • Commonly takes months to gain approval
  • Once approved, employees can begin work as early as October 1

H-1B Visa Application process begins in January, each year.

While the application process appears straightforward, it is quite detailed, and companies typically use qualified immigration attorneys to oversee the application process. Certain professions are subject to the 65,000 visa cap, some are not, which is why working with an experienced immigration attorney is critical to your success.

Mistakes can cause delays, and rejection or denial of the application leaving you without the staff you need for your business to grow. No application received after April 1 will be considered.

H-1B visa status is initially granted for three years, with the ability to renew for another three years, for a maximum of six years. Employers can also sponsor their H-1B visa employees for residency too.

Is the profession you want to recruit not listed above?

Get in touch to ask about a specific skill set – there are others that could qualify for an H-1B visa  

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