Applying for the O or P Visa

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How do I apply for the O or P visa?

At the risk of sounding rude, are you the artist, athlete, or entertainer?  If so, bad news:  you can’t apply for yourself. You have to have someone already in the US petition for you. Those people include a U.S. agent/manager representing you, an employer (a sports team), venue (a museum, concert venue, performing arts center) or someone in a similar situation.  It’s not just about filing forms.  There is a variety of supplemental documentation that’s going to be needed too.  Here are just a few examples: representation agreement (between the O-1 recipient and the manager/agent), itineraries, contracts, and peer-group consultations. If you’re seeking the O-2 visa for essential support staff (in other words, your entourage), then the person for whom you work (the athlete or entertainer) must sponsor your O-2 visa.

Players on a team may be consolidated to one petition while coaches and support personnel must be submitted on separate petitions.  There’s also a slightly different path for Canadians versus other foreign nationals.  Plus, there is a difference between those who are already in the US versus those who have to process through a US consulate abroad.

This is why your representative needs to work with an sports or entertainment immigration attorney, not just your agent, who specializes in this area of immigration law. Call us now to get started living your dreams in the U.S.!

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