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If you work in a field such as athletics or entertainment, being able to work legally in the biggest markets is crucial to the success of your career. As the United States is one of the biggest markets in the world, getting a US visa so you can compete or perform should be a top priority. Most likely, you will want to pursue either an O or P visa  using a USA  immigration law firm for this purpose, and we can help you achieve this goal!

Who uses the O and P visas?

Whether to apply for an O visa or a P visa depends on a variety of factors, including the level of recognition you have achieved in your profession.  Athletes, artists, and entertainers are not alone though.  There are versions of both visas for family members too.

Can’t my sports/entertainment lawyer or agent or manager do this?

Honestly, no.  We provide you value these folks can’t.  Think about it:  if your knee is injured in a game or on stage, do you go to a dermatologist?  No!  Of course you don’t. You go to a specialist, like an orthopedic surgeon.  The same is true with immigration.  While managers, agents, or sports/entertainment attorneys have a lot of skills that have assisted you over the years, immigration law isn’t one of them.  As a dedicated US immigration law firm, this is all we do.  We will discuss all of your options with you and help you pursue the right visa for you (and your family) at the right time. This isn’t a process you can afford to get wrong.

Also, we’ll be here for you and your family when you’re ready and want to apply for residency or citizenship.  We aren’t like those mega-law firms that only want to handle the visas process but refuse to work with you when it’s time for residency or citizenship because it’s not worth their time.  Work with us at Swenson Law Office, PC, if you’re looking for an immigration law firm and are applying for an O or P visa where our only focus is you and your immigration needs.  All of them.


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