Immigration for Entertainers: A Guide to the P-1B Visa

As the largest economy in the world and one of the biggest consumers of entertainment such as sports, music, and other forms of art, the United States presents extremely lucrative opportunities for foreign athletes and entertainers to capitalize on their respective crafts. But just because someone is a famous athlete or musician doesn’t mean he or she has free rein to travel from country to country irrespective Read More

Miguel Aguilar’s Story

Legally immigrating to the United States can be a very difficult journey without the right help. It can be terrifying leaving behind everything you have ever known. Often times, for a place which you may know little about. However, many people do not realize aside from the many personal struggles one faces, there are numerous bureaucratic, and legal issues that people immigrating may face. Miguel Aguilar faced many Read More

Understanding the ‘O’ Visa: Who Qualifies?

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how the O visa works. It’s a tool for those with extraordinary abilities that can be used to enter and work in the United States for a temporary period of time. But what exactly does “extraordinary” mean? How do you know if you are good enough at what you do to qualify for an O visa? Fame, achievement, and talent can sometimes be subjective ideas upon which all people do not Read More

Immigration for Artists, Athletes & Entertainers: How the “O” Visa Can Help

Coming to the United States as an artist, actor, or other type of entertainer is an exciting opportunity! It can also be stressful, however, because you will need to get the proper Visa to be able to work or perform in the country. For many performers, the “O” class Visa is the perfect solution. In this blog entry, we break down the basics. Who Can Qualify? The “O” Visa is for nonimmigrants who possess Read More

Christine Swenson, US Immigration Lawyer, Featured in Law in Sport!

Christine Swenson, an expert on US immigration law, recently had an article published in Law in Sport. Read her article 10 Crucial Concepts About U.S. Immigration for International Athletes! Congratulations, Christine! Read More

Immigration for Athletes: Understanding the P-1A Visa

Athletes who compete at a high level often have the opportunity to travel the world to showcase their talents. This is a great way to build goodwill between countries and expand the audience of a particular sport. For the athletes to travel to the United States, however, they will need to get a visa. The P-1A visa is made specifically for these athletes, and it can help streamline the process. When to Seek a Read More

Immigration for Athletes, Artists and Entertainers: Understanding the ‘O’ Visa

As an athlete, an artist, or an entertainer, gaining access to the United States is often critical for your career advancement. Unfortunately, the immigration process can be confusing and time consuming. In this blog entry we are going to shed some light on the “O” Visa - which is generally the best option for performers and artists like you. The O Visa is set up specifically for individuals who have Read More