Attention Employers: Be prepared before ICE audits your I-9 records

Immigration enforcement and deportation is getting a lot of coverage in the news. However, there is a side to immigration enforcement that affects non-immigrants as well. It’s I-9 employment verification. While people complain that immigrants are “stealing” American jobs, that’s not what employers experience. In reality, it is difficult to find people who want to work, with the skills needed, for the hours and pay Read More

Immigration to the US: How to Qualify for the EB-2 “Second Preference” Visa Program

If you hold an advanced degree, have equivalent experience, or possess an exceptional ability, you may be able to qualify to come to the United States for employment through the EB-2 Second Preference visa program. This program was set up to help ensure employers in the US have access to the talent they need to get their work done properly. To qualify for this type of visa you must meet some important Read More

Need to Visit the US for Business? Here’s how the B-1 Visa Could Help

If you need to come to the United States temporarily to conduct business, the B-1 Visa is likely one of the easiest options for you. This type of visa is easy to apply for, and generally gets approved quite quickly as long as you meet the requirements. Traveling for Business The first requirement is that you must be coming to the US for business. There are many different business activities that qualify, Read More

Immigration for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability: Understanding the “First Preference” EB-1

If you are at the top of your field and would like the opportunity to work in the United States, you may qualify for the EB-1 Visa. This visa gives you first preference due to the extraordinary ability or achievements that you have had, which will make you a valuable asset to the US workforce. People in almost any field can qualify for this type of visa. There are three main categories for this visa, each of which Read More