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 Meet Your Immigration Legal Team


We work together to provide you personable, effective, and affordable advocacy for you, your family or your business.
Each of us brings our own passion for immigration that drives us to excel in this field.


Christine Swenson, Esq. – Attorney & Owner

Christine has practiced law for more than 20 years. More than five years ago, Christine opened her law firm and chose to exclusively handle US immigration law. The most important reason is because of her own experience with the US immigration system because she and her husband adopted their daughter. During that long process, she lived through – and survived! – the very same immigration system her clients do today. Just like so many of her clients, she brought her child to the US for the opportunities it can provide that her daughter’s home country could never provide.

In addition to her years of experience in criminal court as a prosecutor, when she handled hundreds of motions , and presented more than 100 jury trials and even more bench trials, Christine is passionate about educating fellow attorneys, judges, and the general public. Christine is honored to be a frequent conference presenter on issues relating to immigration law, particularly U visas, with prestigious organizations such as ASISTA, the Colorado State Judicial Education Department, and the Colorado Bar Association. She is also the Chair of the Colorado U Visa Working Group, which is a volunteer group that promotes education and advocacy of law enforcement agencies. Since the 2016 election, Christine has given “Know Your Rights” presentations to more than 100 people in schools and community organizations, and, in January 2017, she participated with a team of immigration attorneys who worked at the Denver airport to help those affected by the first Muslim ban. You can also hear Christine as a regular guest on Arriba Mi Negocio on Denver’s Radio Luz 1650 AM where she often shares the latest information about US immigration to its Spanish-speaking listeners.

Away from work in her top immigration legal firm, she enjoys spending time with her family enjoying all that Colorado has to offer. She is an enthusiastic college basketball, college and pro hockey, and pro cycling fan. Christine enjoys running, paddle boarding, SCUBA diving, and, during the winter, snowshoeing. Why snowshoeing? She freely admits skiing is not her sport; she pokes fun at herself saying “it’s better for everyone else that I don’t ski!”


Laura Sanchez – Legal Assistant

Laura’s background is very diverse and this makes her a great asset to the firm. While working as a Police Dispatcher for a local police department she provided immediate help to individuals who were need of immediate, urgent police assistance. During these years, her love for community service and customer service grew with every opportunity to help every person who called 911. Later she transitioned into law enforcement for several years, where she had the opportunity to work with victims of many crimes in person. Through her sympathy and understanding of victimization she now helps our clients get through, what sometimes can be a very difficult, stressful immigration system. Her strong bilingual traits are a wonderful asset because she is able to tailor the customer’s needs individually.

Laura is no stranger to the immigration system herself. She successfully assisted her Spanish-speaking mother through her citizenship application from beginning to end. She and her husband also successfully completed his Legal Permanent Resident process. Her passion to serve the Hispanic Community in regards to immigration is contagious, and that’s what brought her to join the firm.

Outside of work Laura enjoys spending time with her family and friends doing challenging activities such as obstacle course race’s, snowboarding in the winter and going for runs with her German Shepherd, Zerk.

Zailyn Prada-Blackburn – Marketing Coordinator

Zailyn Prada-Blackburn has had the opportunity to experience a rich career which has provided her with several years of experience working with different cultures. She is a native of Costa Rica, and immigrated to the USA with her family when she was only 3 years old. Zailyn not only has firsthand experience as an immigrant, but also has a professional background in International Business, Corporate Level Administrative Support, and Chief Legal Counsel Executive Support. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Transpersonal Studies. Zailyn is professionally bilingual in Spanish and English and loves yoga, kayaking, and fishing with her family. She grew up in Southern California and is a recent transplant to the Denver area.