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Doña Inez Talamantez and Christine at the Radio Luz 1650 AM studios

Doña Inez Talamantez and Christine at the RadioLuz 1650 AM studios





As a rising expert in US immigration law, Christine and her staff are often requested to provide their knowledge and insights on the realities of the issues facing immigrants in the US today.

Christine is a regular guest on Arriba Mi Negocios, hosted by Doña Inez Talamantez, on RadioLuz 1650 AM. Arriba Mi Negocio timeslot is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 12:30 to 1:00 pm Mountain time.

Here are our latest interviews with Doña Inez and the topics we discussed. These interviews are in Spanish!

May 16, 2016: Rights and Responsibilities of Lawful Permanent Residents

April 11, 2016: Topic

Business Innovators Radio with Neil Howe

In early April, 2016, Neil Howe reached out to Christine to discuss the hot-button topic of immigration. Business Innovators Radio focuses on bringing the best and the brightest in business today to share their insights and expertise. This radio station is syndicated to iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, Sticher and YouTube. Mr. Howe is a best selling author and business radio talk show host covering the most Innovative Business Leaders in Small and Local Business.