Have you thought about what it would be like to wear an ankle monitor?

Ankle monitors are not new technology but have been predominately used in monitoring criminal offenders charged with or convicted of pretty serious crimes, including domestic violence, sex offenses and DUIs. Today, more and more immigrants are now being issued ankle monitors. Let's look at Grace's situation: Grace is a 33-year-old mother from El Salvador. After spending nearly 14 months in an immigration detention Read More

Get your US citizenship in time for the 2016 election

Have your voice heard in 2016! Apply for US citizenship now so you can vote in next year's election! Swenson Law Office, PC has created a limited-time, promotional offer to encourage those who qualify to apply for their US citizenship now, with the goal of completing this immigration process in time so you can vote in the 2016 election! For those who qualify, we encourage you to start now. ¿Prefiere Español? Read More

Obtengas tu ciudadanía y podrás votar en 2016

¡Deja que se escuche tu voz en el 2016! ¡Aplica para obtener tu ciudadanía ahora y podrás votar en las elecciones del próximo año! Swenson Law Office, PC ha creado por tiempo limitado una oferta promocional para motivar a aquellos que califican para aplicar para obtener la ciudadanía americana en este momento, con la meta de terminar este proceso migratorio a tiempo para que pueda votar en las elecciones del Read More

Questions and Answers on Marriage and Immigration, Part II

In our last blog we detailed some common questions and answers relating to marriage-based immigration, such as who is eligible and what type of immigration status one can achieve through a marriage. Click here to read the useful questions and answered detailed in Part 1 of this blog. Today, we will continue with our FAQ series on marriage-based immigration. If you have more questions that we do not answer in Read More

Questions and Answers on Marriage and Immigration, Part I

US immigration law is certainly complex, and it can be very difficult for foreign-born nationals to gain entry to this country. However, there are several family-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas available that allow for US citizens and current green card holders to petition to bring their relatives to the United States. Marriage in particular is a relatively streamlined route to legal immigration to the US. Read More

Event at New York Life

Free Immigration Event at New York Life Read More

Traveling to the US Under the Visa Waiver Program

Under most circumstances, all foreign-born nationals must obtain some sort of visa in order to travel to the US. There are numerous types of visas, the issuance of which depends on the reasons for travel as well as many other factors. However, there are some situations where certain aliens may travel to the US without a visa. Specifically, nationals from certain countries who want to travel to the US for business, Read More

Immigration for Entertainers: A Guide to the P-1B Visa

As the largest economy in the world and one of the biggest consumers of entertainment such as sports, music, and other forms of art, the United States presents extremely lucrative opportunities for foreign athletes and entertainers to capitalize on their respective crafts. But just because someone is a famous athlete or musician doesn’t mean he or she has free rein to travel from country to country irrespective Read More

A Guide to VAWA

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was originally signed into law in 1994. It has been struck down and renewed several times since then. The act’s original (and continuing) purpose was to provide money and relief for the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women in the United States. It also established the Office on Violence Against Women within the US Department of Justice. The year 2000 Read More

Tips for Helping a Child Through a Parent’s Deportation

When a child is born within the borders of the United States, even if the parents are undocumented aliens, he or she is automatically entitled to US citizenship thanks to the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. However, this does not mean the child’s parents are protected from deportation due to their undocumented immigrant status. In 2013 alone, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed over 72,000 Read More