Beware the promises of Notarios! ¡Cuidado con las promesas de los Notarios!

Beware the promises of Notarios! President Obama’s immigration reforms will not help everyone. STOP because while there is a lot of excitement around this announcement, the truth is that not everyone will be eligible. Do not believe notarios and other unauthorized consultants who promise immediate action in order to steal your money. WAIT  until the details are released. The wrong help can hurt your chances of Read More

Five Things You Should Know about 2014 Immigration Reform

2014 has been a rough year for immigrants who have waited for decades for some type of immigration reform. After the president announced his intention to act if Congress did not this summer, he pushed off announcing and implementing his plan until after the mid-term elections. Was this just more politics? After taking quite the beating at the polls, many wondered whether the president would act or delay, again. Read Read More

The EB-5 Program: Understanding Investment Visas, Part Two

In part one of this series, we explained that the EB-5 Program was set up by the United States government as a way to spur economic growth by attracting foreign investors.  Part one discussed what types of businesses can be invested in, and how much capital must be provided in order to qualify for this type of visa.  In addition to those requirements, there are also several requirements regarding job creation related Read More

The EB-5 Program: Understanding Investment Visas, Part One

The EB-5 Program, more accurately called the Immigrant Investor Visa Program, was established by Congress back in 1990 as a way to help stimulate the economy by attracting foreign investors.  This special visa allows non-citizens to make a sizable monetary investment into new or existing US-based businesses with the goal of creating or saving jobs.  Depending on how much money is invested, the business can be Read More

Immigration for Athletes, Artists and Entertainers: Understanding the ‘O’ Visa

As an athlete, an artist, or an entertainer, gaining access to the United States is often critical for your career advancement. Unfortunately, the immigration process can be confusing and time consuming. In this blog entry we are going to shed some light on the “O” Visa - which is generally the best option for performers and artists like you. The O Visa is set up specifically for individuals who have Read More

EB-5 Visa Program Performance Data Lacking

Part IV: Evaluating the Success of the EB-5 program This is the last installment of this blog series that addresses the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. Problem: Where’s the data? Although the EB-5 program has many benefits, there appears to be a lack of reliable historical data on the performance of the EB-5 visa program, which makes it difficult if not impossible to evaluate the benefits it has given to Read More

SEC Interpretations on Reg D May Impact EB-5 program

Part III: SEC's announcement in early August gives immigrant investors pause How does the SEC and EB-5 cross paths? Recently the Division of Corporation Finance of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations relating to accredited investors (Al Interpretations). Al Interpretations are important because they clarify verification matters that often apply to non US Read More

Improving economic impact via immigrant investment

Part II: Disconnect reduces economic impact of immigrant investment When utilizing the EB-5 investment program, it is important for the investor to be aware that her investment may not be as impactful as she thought it would be with in a community. The lack of impact is often due to the lack of coordination between the Regional Centers and the economic development agencies, EDA’s, at the city and state level. Read More

Investing with regional centers for an EB-5 visa

Part I: An In-depth Look at the EB-5 Visa Program What's wrong with investing with a regional center? Like so many things in law, the answer to that deceptively simple question is: it depends.  When regional centers and their various actors function together, an efficiently run system is put into play which helps many immigrant investors to efficiently place their investments into the centers using the EB-5 visa. Read More

The Basics of the EB-5 Visa

Welcome to the first in a multi-part blog series examining the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program.  Over the  coming weeks, we'll look at the EB-5 visa program in depth.  We'll break it down for you, analyze the pros, cons, and identify some glitches in the program.  We'll also conduct an analysis of The Brookings Institute's February 2014 report which had some particularly harsh words for the EB-5 program in its Read More